About Me

What’s up, my dudes?!

I’m Kaitlin, a 22 year-old college drop-out whose life revolves around her dog and finding the perfect ice cream. I’m an INFP, Type 2, Blue-White personality. I’m a master of GIFS and memes are definitely one of my love languages. I LOOOOOVE pizza  and am a total Netflix binger.

I grew up in southeast Idaho. When I was 19, I served a religious mission in North Carolina (that’s why you’ll here me dropping “y’all” all the freakin’ time). After coming home, I moved to Utah Valley to go to college but after a few semesters I decided it wasn’t the path God had in mind for me right now.

Now I’m a wedding & elopement photographer. I’m a hopeless romantic, and being able to document love is a great privilege of my work. I believe that human connection is so, so powerful and I find joy in expressing that with others through my art.

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